Frequently Asked Questions

Join the Club

Yes, there are no costs to join and use our site, plus we do not charge any fees or commissions on sales or purchases made by members. 

Please share a link to Golfmyday.club with your golf buddies and kindly follow and tag us on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

1) Tap on ‘Sign up here or in the header or in the left sidebar. 

2) Under Join the Club enter:

  • Your email address
  • A strong password
  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • A Username (e.g. First_Lastname).

Tap on ‘Join the Club’ button.

3) You will receive an email to acknowledge your registration request. Please click on the link in the email to generate your activation key. Then click Activate. It will take you to the ‘Sign in’ page. Add your email address and password. Save your password if prompted.

Welcome. You now have full access to our community.

Once you have created and activated your user account, Sign in to update your Profile, search for your local Golf Course under All Golf Groups, tap to open your preferred Golf Group and then tap on Request Access. 

Once your request to join that Golf Group has been accepted, all activity posted to that Group will be viewable and be displayed in your personal Feed. 

You are free to post in your Golf Group, comment on posts, connect to other members and direct message your connections.

In the left hand side bar, click on ‘My Profile’. You can edit your First Name, Last Name or Username.

Add Your Golf Profile

Under Golf Profile, you should add:

  • Your Home Golf Club and Region
  • Your current Golf Handicap, if you have one
  • Your preferred Golf Club brand

To add or edit your Profile Photo

Visit your profile page. Upload or change your profile image. The image dimensions should be at least 200 x 200 px.  

To add or edit your Cover Photo

Upload a cover photo which will appear above your profile photo when members visit your profile. The image dimensions should be at least 1300 x 225 px.  

You can change your Profile and Cover image at any time when you view your profile page. 

Golf Groups

A Golf Group represents a community of golfers who like to play at a particular golf course or driving range. It provides a convenient way for golfers to build their golf network, engage with others, find golf clubs for sale and/or share details of any golf clubs they are looking to sell. Users agree on the price, exchange process and location between themselves by direct messages.

You should request to join the Golf Group of the course you play at most often or the one closest to you. You do not need to be a member of the Golf Course to join the Golf Group. You may join more than one Golf Group.

To join a Golf Group, search for your local golf course from the link ‘All Golf Groups’. 

In the search box, type in the first word of your Golf Course and press enter. If your Golf Course has a Group, tap on it and then tap on ‘Request Access’. The Admin of the Golf Group will be notified and will approve or decline your request. It may take a few hours for the Group Admin to action your request. You will be notified by email that your access request has been accepted. If you have completed your Profile with a picture and cover image, you are less likely to be denied access.

You will need to be signed in. Visit your Golf Group page. Tap in the comment box under Feed and write your message. i.e. name and description of your golf club(s) that you wish to sell. Add photos by clicking on the camera icon. When you are happy with your post, tap the Post Update button. 

Once you have sold your golf club, please add a comment under your post to say it’s sold. You can edit and/or delete your posts at any time. Group Moderators may also delete posts to tidy up and keep Group relevant.

We welcome requests to become a Group Moderator. If you would like to become a Moderator of a particular Golf Group, please request access to join the Golf Group and in the comment box ask us to add you as a moderator.

Tap on Send Request. If you have already joined the Golf Group, you can email us at info@golfmday.com and tell us which Golf Group you would like to moderate. We ask that you firstly complete your profile in full.

While a Group Admin or Moderator may be a member of the Golf Course, there is no official affiliation with the Golf Course and a Golf Group.

If your Golf Course does not yet have a Golf Group listed, please register, let us know by email at info@golfmyday.com and we will set it up. 

Connections & Direct Messages

Visit your Golf Group and click on ‘Members’. Click once on the user icon + next to the name of the Member you wish to connect with or message. (To cancel your request to connect, click the user icon just once more). 

They will receive a notification that you have requested to connect and accept or decline your request. You will receive a notification if accepted. You can then send and receive messages directly with your new connection. 

You can view and manage your connections from your profile page.

You need to be connected to direct message other members.

To direct message a connection, click on Connections in the left menu. Click on the envelope icon next to your connection you wish to message.

You can leave a comment on someone’s post without being connected but if you want to make an offer and arrange to exchange you should connect and use direct messages. Direct messages are not shared with any other users. Whereas, comments on posts in Groups are visible to all members of that Group. 

If you’re interested in buying a Golf Club or testing it out first, you can engage with the seller using direct messages. To direct message you will need to be connected. Or you can always use direct messaging to just organise a game of golf.

Your Account Settings

Under ‘My Settings’ in the left menu, you can change your account email address and/or your password. We recommend you use a strong password which includes letters, numbers and symbols.

You can manage your email notification preferences under Account Settings. By default, you will receive notifications for relevant comments, activity, invitations and messages.  

You can manage your Privacy preferences under Account Settings. By default, your name will be visible to the Public. Other profile information and links to your social media pages (if disclosed) will only be visible to members of Golfmyday.club.

More Questions

  1. Invite friends, colleagues and other golf club members to join Golfmyday.club by:
    • Click on ‘Invite Friends’ in the header or left side bar and enter your friends name and email address. To send multiple invitations, select the + icon, add friends. Then click on Send Invites; or
    • Simply sharing our website address Golfmyday.club in a message, email or via other social networks;
  1. Connect with existing members of your Golf Group in Golfmyday.club. Visit your Golf Group, view group Members. Click once on the user icon + next to the member’s name. You can also choose to follow members of your Golf Group and any posts they share will be displayed in your Activity Feed.

No problem. You don’t have to sell or buy golf clubs. You are welcome to register, join your preferred Golf Group, see what’s on offer or just connect with other Group members to grow your own golf network.

At some point, you may be looking to sell or buy quality used golf clubs and when you are, you’ll be ready to go.

We are here to help. Just drop us an email at info@golfmyday.com.