Bushnell Wingman Speaker and Audible GPS Device

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Bushnell Wingman Speaker and Audible GPS Device We are introducing the Wingman GPS and Audio device by Bushnell Golf. Combining both GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the Bushnell Wingman gives golfers premium audible sound for front, center and back distances, whilst still allowing you to listen to the music of your choice through your mobile. It is the perfect all-in-one accessory for the golf course! This Speaker also comes with Bushnell’s magnetic BITE technology. This is a magnetic mount attached to the speaker, allowing you to secure it to any Golf Cart/Buggy with ease.  It is Simple-to-use. Just Pair the Wingman with your music source(e.g. mobile phone) and download the Free Bushnell Golf App. To get audible GPS distances from the Bushnell Golf App, just press the remote button. You won’t have to worry about manually advancing the hole distances as the Bushnell Wingman does it automatically. Download IOS App Download Android App Features: 10+ Hour Battery Life Audible GPS Distances and music through mobile applications Premium audio quality Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount Front center and back distances – with customizable settings for your gameplay Auto hole advance Can Charge other devices using this speaker