Callaway Epic Max Golf Driver

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Callaway Epic Max Golf Driver Callaway’s Epic Max Golf Driver has set the standards for speed in a Golf Driver. The Epic Max Driver is manufactured to offer maximum speed and maximum forgiveness, making an all-round top-performing Golf Driver. The A.I. used has created a whole new formula for speed.  A.I DESIGNED FLASH FACE SS21 Designed specifically to work with the Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame. It promotes fast ball speeds across an expansive area.  NEW JAILBREAK A.I. SPEED FRAME Callaway’s new A.I. Speed Frame creates extremely fast ball speeds across the face.  MAXIMUM FORGIVENESS The use of a lighter yet stronger Triaxial Carbon Material instead of the usual titanium means Callaway has made a weight saving of over 19 grams. This saved weight has been redistributed to enhance forgiveness and promote a higher launch.  ADJUSTABLE PERIMETER WEIGHTING The Epic Max Golf Driver allows golfers to have extensive adjustability to promote ball flight in the way they want to play. Featuring a 17-gram sliding rear weight and an OptiFit hosel, golfers are given up to 20 yards of shot shape correction.