Chrome Soft Triple Track 2020 Golf Balls – White

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Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track 2020 Golf Balls – White The Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track 2020 Golf Balls in White is the ultimate golf ball! It has been manufactured by Callaway to increase the speed at which the ball travels. Featuring Triple Track Technology, your putting accuracy will be improved.  TRIPLE TRACK TECHNOLOGY The Triple Track Technology uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to enhance alignment. Featuring the Triple Track lines on the ball, your putting accuracy will improve when using this ball! LARGE GRAPHENE-INFUSED DUAL SOFTFAST CORE The inner core of this golf ball has been made much larger for a much larger launch with lower spin, in order to increase the distance at which the ball will travel once hit.  THINNER URETHANE COVER The Thinner urethane cover is featured within this golf ball to give you much more spin control on the course. This feature allows for much less spin on full shots, but making sure to maintain a high spin and soft feel whilst on the green.   OPTIMIZED AERODYNAMIC DESIGN Callaway have optimised the aerodynamic design of the golf ball, allowing for much less drag on the ball once hit.