Cleveland Launcher HB Hybrid

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The Cleveland Launcher HB Hybird, Cleveland’s most forgiving hybrid yet. Tee shots and second shots have never been easier, find more fairways, hit more greens and shoot lower scores.THE HIBORE CROWN REINVENTED FOR EVEN MORE DISTANCEThe new HiBore crown moves the center of gravity low and deep, promoting a higher ball flight.Its updated structure compresses at impact and decompresses at launch for faster ball speeds.It all adds up to the most distance-boosting HiBore we’ve made yet.AN ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT HOSEL OPTIMIZED FOR ONE SETTING: LAUNCHLauncher HB’s hosel design is the lightest we’ve made.We repositioned all that extra mass where it helps your performance: low and deep.The result is a stronger, more optimized hosel design that boosts distance and forgiveness.UNLOCK ABSURD BALL SPEED WITH FLEX-FIN TECHNOLOGYCompressing and decompressing with explosive energy.