Cleveland RTX ZipCore Golf Wedge – Black Satin

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Cleveland RTX ZipCore Golf Wedge – Black Satin The Cleveland RTX ZipCore Golf Wedge in a Black Satin finish has been rebuilt from the core within, using innovative ZipCore technology and UltiZip grooves. Heat treatment also enhances the results of Cleveland’s RTX properties to generate better control, enhanced speed, and even more durability for a repeated bounce back round over again. ZipCore Technology Cleveland’s unique low-density Zip Core sits at the heart of RTX, shifting the center of gravity while raising MOI, adding spin, enhancing control, and boosting consistency on all your shots. UltiZip Groove These new grooves are sharper, deeper, and narrower. They bite harder, channel more debris, and they’re closer together for more groove contact on every shot. Heat Treatment A measured, timed blast of heat does wonders for a wedge’s durability. Ultimately, this new heat treatment process ensures that you’ll love your RTX ZipCore round after round.