EasyGreen 1300 Laser Rangefinder

£179.00 (inc. VAT)

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The Easygreen 1300 Laser Rangefinder is top quality with performance and smart features and functions all wrapped up in a very attractive unit at an affordable price. The rugged and straightforward to use unit is a firm favourite and very highly regarded amongst reviewers everywhere. The unit instantly feels quality in the hands, with a nice vibration when you hit the flag. The unit works in meters or yards and is capable of picking objects up to 350 meters away or 1148 feet with an accuracy tolerance of under 0.5 meters. The slope feature can also be turned on or off depending on your personal preference. The 6 x 24 Optical zoom is all you will ever need while playing a round of golf. A very aesthetically pleasing unit with a lovely colour scheme. Quality, straightforward use and affordability with a U.K customer support centre for all your queries, there is nothing not to like here. A great investment in our view here at Golfsupport.