Golf Buddy Voice X GPS Rangefinder

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The GolfBuddy VoiceX includes a brand new technology to update the course data automatically and wirelessly through OTA (Over the Air) transmission. With changes in golf course layouts ever increasing the course data of your device may be out of date quickly. A Golf Buddy VoiceX with OTA ACU function will render your device worry free as it adapts to the latest golf course information. Conventionally, when updating the course data of your GolfBuddy units, you had to connect your devices to the computer and have the course data updated. When OTA ACU is used, the course updates are automatically and wirelessly delivered to the VoiceX, when you are approaching the golf course with your device connected to the GolfBuddy application in your smartphone. Clips neatly to your belt, golf bag or golf cap. Buy Golf Buddy Online at