Mizuno ES21 Black Golf Wedge

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Mizuno ES21 Black Golf Wedges ES21 WEDGES: SPIN CENTRAL The Mizuno ES21 Black Golf Wedges helps you control spin rates amongst a batch of similar wedge shots, and this is one of the most significant factors in building an effective short game. These Golf Wedges Wedges incorporate a higher, more central sweet spot and stable design – not only does this elevate spin, but it maintains it shot for shot. To achieve this, Mizuno has featured a multi-piece stainless steel construction and Grain Flow Forged face packed into a versatile high toe profile. PREDICTABLE & CONSISTENT: The use of a Hollow body stainless steel 431 construction creates a higher, deeper CG and more vertical gear effect. SPIN CENTRAL: Featuring a perfectly centered sweet spot that is easier to hit consistently – ensuring higher spin and longer contact. HIGH TOE & LOW HEEL: Incredibly stable on open face, floated shots. QUAD-CUT GROOVES: Ultra precise CNC Milled grooves cut into durable Grain Flow Forged Boron infused steel WET WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Hydroflow Micro Grooves are laser etched to release moisture and reduce spin drop off.