Mizuno Golf Men’s MP-20 MMC Irons – Steel

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 Introducing the NEW! MP20 MMC Irons from Mizuno Golf.The 2nd generation of Mizuno’s multi-material concept – with a thinner topline and refined scoring irons. Based on the chassis, set flow and proportions of the MP-20 muscle back-engineered to be more playable through the use of Titanium muscle plate and Tungsten sole weight.Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel – layered within soft Copper plating and protective Nickel Chrome for legendary feel and feedback.Layers of FeelGrain Flow Forged HD in Hiroshima Japan, from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, then plated in soft copper and Nickel Chrome – the original layering from Mizuno’s great TN87 blade.Stability in a Tour preferred profileTitanium muscle spreads weight for forgiveness from off-center strikes while maintaining center portion thickness for muscle back type feel/feedback.Multi-material constructionGrain Flow 1025E mild carbon steel chassis and Ti muscle pad throughout, with 12g Tungsten toe weight (4-7 iron) for ease of launch in a compact playing profile.Improved set flow to wedgesUse of a 2nd Titanium muscle pad specific to the short irons allows a narrower sole from 8 iron to pitching wedgeDramatically thinner toplineAs a response to requests from the tour. The MP-20 MMC #4 iron is reduced by 0.3mm and pitching wedge by 0.4mm (compared to MP-18 MMC). Less than 1mm thicker at address than the MP-20 muscle back.Mixed satin/mirror finishCombination of chrome finishing to eliminate areas of high glare in the playing position.Composition: GFF HD with Titanium plate, Tungsten weight, and Copper underlay“The new MMC is the smaller, sharper version of the original. For a player with a traditional eye, looking for a little stability from off-center strikes, but comfortable with their distances and ball speed – this is the iron.”Chris Voshall, Golf Brand Manager. Mizuno