Mizuno JPX Fli Hi Golf Hybrid Graphite Shaft

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Mizuno JPX Fli Hi Golf Hybrid Graphite ShaftThe effortless long iron replacementPacked with helpful technology to launch the ball high and land soft, the JPX Fli-Hi is designed to slot seamlessly into your iron set. Each Fli-Hi is designed to directly replace s corresponding long iron – your Mizuno Swing DNA will help show which ones to trade.Replace your long ironsYour Shaft Optimizer readings and Mizuno Swing DNA will show how many JPX Fli Hi’s to fit within your iron set. Find your local Mizuno Swing DNA stockist for a recommendation.Face forward profileThe JPX Fli-Hi’s distinctive face-forward profile allows the leading edge to glide through contact for a consistent and high flight.Wave SoleplateAllows the front portion of the sole to flex for increased ball speeds – especially low on the face.Drop Down CrownAs well as providing a visual alignment at address, the drop down crown allows weight to shift low within the clubhead – assisting a higher launch.Flow COG DesignWeight shifts slightly through loft options. The 4 and 5 have weight further back to assist launch, the 6 and 7 are slightly front weighted to compensate loft.”Unlike most hybrids, the JPX Fli-Hi isn’t chasing distance at all costs – the design is completely dedicated to hitting the same gaps as a corresponding iron. Yet the CGI placement makes them a lot more reliable than a traditional iron.”David Llewellyn, Director of R&D.