Mizuno Onboarder

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The new Onboarder from Mizuno’s latest range of luggage and bags, the Onboarder is a handy carry on aircraft size and fits current British Airways measurement regulations for overhead storage (accurate on July 2017). In this fast world, we live in the Onboarder is the ideal travel companion, save on checking in luggage in those lengthy queues and no more waiting around for aircraft unloading, just grab and go.Mizuno Onboarder has a dual slider zipper, a retractable grab handle, perfect for flights and carry accessories. The antitilt bases support Mizuno Onboarder very compact and very spacious wheel bag that complies to air line onboard with full length external pocket which gives you extra space for your stuffs, antitilt base support for your batter holding and retractable grab handle with silent running inline wheels which makes your step easy.