Mizuno ST-X Ladies Golf Driver

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Mizuno ST-X Ladies Golf Driver Tour Ready. World Ready.  Mizuno’s ST-X Ladies Golf Driver launches high, with a draw bias set and a BETA rich Ti face to enhance play for lady golfers with mid to low swing speeds.  An extremely lightweight design encourages the higher flight, and when utilising MFUSION 39g Mizuno shafts, the draw bias reaches its highest potential.  Noticeably, the Ladies ST-X head is uniquely shaped, with additional heel weights, and an upright lie angle which when pulled together, encouraged enhanced distances.  Built upon faster ball speeds, the Mizuno multi-thickness Beta Rich Forged Titanium Face responds to maintain performance for longer.  Predictable Performance  Weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown used low and deep to combine low spin with stability from off-centre strikes. Pure At Impact A collection of structural refinements to achieve a more tour preferred solid sound at impact. Loft Adjustable By 4 Degrees with additional upright and flatter settings.