Odyssey Stroke Lab Black One Golf Putter

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IF YOU WANT TO PUTT WITH CONFIDENCE, YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. The Stroke Lab Black One from Odyssey Golf is a take on a traditional blade design with a Crank Hosel giving this Stroke Lab Black Putter significant toe hang best suited for golfers with more face rotation and arc in their putting stroke. This Stroke Lab One Putter features Odyssey’s multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft to improve your stroke and the new Microhinge Star Insert to encourage consistent forward roll.This new design helps to improve the your strokes tempo and consistency, and the performance is nothing short of incredible. It’s engineered to make you a better putter, golfers absolutely love it, it’s winning major championships and big events around the world, and it’s helped Odyssey become the #1 Putter on EVERY Tour.