Odyssey Stroke Lab Nine Putter

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 Introducing the Stroke Lab Nine Putter from Odyssey Golf. A heel shafted, mid-mallet with the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft. The #9 head model (choice of Phil Mickelson) in the Stroke Lab range also features a toe hang design, and a White Hot Microhinge face insert.Multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft for Innovative Weight DistributionTip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.Slightly Stiffer and Lower Torque for Increased ControlThe Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.Sole Weights and Grip Weight for a Smooth and Accurate StrokeAdditional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip change the putter’s dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.