Ping G400 LS Tec Driver

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PING G400 Driver – LST (Low Spin Technology)With its smaller and streamlined body, the new PING G400 Driver packs a surprisingly more powerful punch than its predecessor. It replaces the G30 and G families, which were highly successful in their own right, but the manufacturer has taken the initiative to improve the adjustable hosel design and other key elements of the club. Low Spin TechnologySpin is reduced by approximately 300 rpm, a result of the tungsten weight being positioned closer to the club face of the PING G400 LST Driver (forward, in front of the gold weight). Alta CB ShaftThe Alta CB shaft comes in an attractive copper colour that, when you place the club down at address, seems to “transform” into black. This “Colour-Shift Paint Technology” eliminates distraction while giving the club a stunning appearance to onlookers. Increased energy transfer comes from more mass in the head, and is made possible by PING’s proprietary counter-balance design.