Taylormade Litetech 3.0 Stand Bag

£149.97 (inc. VAT)

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The Litetech 3.0 is a brand new bag from Taylormade that has added to their ever-growing collection of quality golfing hardware. The Litetech has many innovative features, including a 5-way top which comes with multi-grab handles, making the bag a lot easier to manoeuvre. As well as this, the 3.0 boasts 6 pockets, all with an individual particular purpose; Valuables pocket, Large Garments, Accessories, Balls, Drinks and finally a Range Finder Pocket. Taylormade have crafted this bag using 4 x times lighter materials, making this bag weigh in at an ultra lightweight 1.2kg The Litetech 3.0 is available in 3 great colours.