TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter – Single Bend

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TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter – Single BendSINGLE BEND — the most face-balanced of the three – better aligning with golfers who have a minimal rotation in the putting stroke.The TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter with a Single Bend has been intelligently designed as a high-MOI mallet putter which feels like a blade putter and performs for forgiveness like Spider. Golfers with an arced putting stroke are encouraged to give the TaylorMade Spider FCG Single Bend Golf Putter a try and let the forward CG placement correct some of the issues faced when on the green hitting those strokes.A mallet shape and the perimeter weighting help maintain the signature Spider family’s forgiveness. Engineers at TaylorMade have loaded the front portion of the Spider Putter with two-thirds of the weight to optimise the Spider FCG – Single Bend into a high-MOI mallet, to create a piece of equipment which satisfies those who prefer a moderate face rotation.But, alignment is one area that TaylorMade has been focusing heavily on around their most recent designs so the T-Sightline True Path™ remains present, by combining a front edge alignment with a vertical line for precision aim. An Aged Copper Pure Roll insert is crafted from pure copper. The 25g weight adds to the performance. It creates a firmer feel at impact that many players prefer. The combination of forwarding CG and Pure Roll™ technology promotes a lower launch and encourage more topspin – helping the ball start and stay on its intended line.Features & Benefits Forward Center of GravityFront-loaded weight delivers the benefits of a high-MOI mallet to golfers who have an arced putting strokeT-Sightline True Path™ AlignmentThe new T-Sightline with True Path™ allows for perpendicular alignment, delivering optics that let the golfer aim with the front edge and/or the vertical line.Aged Copper Pure Roll™ InsertA 25g Aged Copper Pure Roll™ insert adds to forward CG performance benefits. In addition, 45° grooves increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces – helping your ball start and stay on its intended line. This is the heaviest insert ever constructed by TaylorMade.*Increased topspin claim based on robot testing of Pure Roll groove vs. solid face.Heel and Toe Tungsten WeightingHeavy tungsten sole weights positioned in the heel and toe are designed to optimize perimeter weighting for increased stability.Adjustable Sole WeightsAllows golfers to customize performance, feel and achieve precise swing weights at different putter lengths.KBS Stepless Stability ShaftThe new black CT Tour putter shaft is designed for less deflection