Titleist TSi 4 Golf Driver

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Titleist TSi 4 Golf Driver The Titleist TSi 4 Golf Driver is built for those golfers who desire aggressive spin reduction to improve their distance. Featuring a compact pear head shape with low, forward CG, to create a neutralised spin.  LOW, FORWARD CG The TSi 4 Driver has the lowest and most forward in the whole Titleist TSi Family of Golf Drivers. This delivers less spin at impact and less dynamic loft.  MULTI-DIMENSIONAL STABILITY Most players think High MOI is equated by heel-to-toe forgiveness. But, Titleist has employed a more holistic approach to their MOI design. The precise weighting also delivers more speed and a tighter spin range up and down the face.  PERFORMANCE-TUNED ADJUSTABILITY Titleist has engineered adjustability features to offer maximum benefits for every type of player. Get the most out of every swing. PLAYER-TUNED AERODYNAMICS AND SOUND The shape of Titleist’s Golf Driver has been improved, reducing the drag by up to 6%. This allows the clubhead to move through the air faster, delivering more power at impact, therefore creating higher ball speeds and increased distance.