Titleist TSi3 Golf Fairway Wood

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The Titleist TSi3 Golf Fairway Wood shows exceptional speed performance and looks, sounds and feels exactly how a tour-dominating model should. Featuring High-Speed ARC 4.0 Technology and Advanced Aerodynamics which drive the ball, faster from the tee and the turf for longer distance and incredible accuracy. Titleist’s TSi3 Golf Fairway Wood is the longest, straightest, and best-looking fairway metal to leave Titleist’s R&D team yet. Continuing on from the Titleist TSi Driver, the TSi3 Fairway has quickly become the most-played models on tour, since making a debut record at the US Open Major Championship. From the top of the swing, TSi’s player-tuned aerodynamics propel the clubhead fast toward the golf ball. At impact, Active Recoil Channel (ARC) 4.0 creates greater face flex, launching the ball with increased speed. High inertia properties produce an extremely stable clubhead, providing players with more consistent speed and spin across the face for longer, straighter shots.