Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

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Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver The Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver has an extremely forgiving face, delivering high swing speeds, incredible distance, straighter drives and high launch angles with every swing. This is achieved through its lightweight design, moderate hosel offset and Variable Face Technology. Features: The slice is solved The dreaded slice off the tee is solved with the Wilson Launch Pad Driver. It has a moderate hosel offset, combined with 13 grams of weight in the heel side of the club and an upright lie angle will put an end to the slice in your game. Most forgiving face The Launch Pad Driver head delivers high ball speeds and high launch angles, regardless of where on the face they make contact. Seriously fast club head speeds The lightweight components of the club including the head, shaft and grip result in a total club weight of just 272g, making the Launch Pad driver one of the lightest on the market. This extremely light weight translates into an effortless increase in club head speed for greater launch angles and distance.