Yonex Ezone GS Ladies Golf Hybrid Woods

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The Ezone Ladies GS Hybrid features a forgiving steel construction head designed for the ultimate in Distance, Forgiveness, and Consistency. Featuring technology first introduced in the previous Ezone GT Collection, Yonex’s Diagonal Grooves gives improved shot direction with amazing results.Yonex Golf Woods are known for their super quality Graphite Shaft, and it’s the same with the Ezone GS Fairways. Weighing as little as only 45g (#7), the Yonex EX-330 custom shaft helps promote more speed in the swing and higher stability for improved accuracy. SLANTED GROOVES. The Slanted Grooves prevent grass and moisture from coming in-between the clubface and the ball, helping to stabilise the ball flight reducing left and right side-spin for improved accuracy.