Yonex Ezone GT Ladies Driver

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Yonex Ezone GT Ladies Driver Graphite technology and a New face design provide maximum distance with improved accuracy to the EZONE GT Driver.  A light Titanium body is finished with a Titanium faceplate and graphite crown. This crown (top of driver’s head) features a thinner and stronger design and is 13% lighter than a conventional Driver crown. This along with the EZONE GT shaft featuring high stability through the ball will give you an overall longer shot. Ezone Ladies GT Driver features the EX-320 designed and manufactured in-house by Yonex The high tensile shaft increases the club-head speed with a faster kick back and high stability through the ball. It dons a new modern cosmetic and attractive matt finish. EX-320 proves to be the perfect match for the EZONE GT Driver. The lightweight design accompanied by the faster kickback gives the shaft everything needed to maximise performance when matched to the club-head. The ‘Vertically Polished Face’ technology allows for a 30% improvement in accuracy. This is based on the previously used and most popular groove appearance – horizontal. Body Construction: 8AL-1Mo-1V Titanium Precision Casting  Face Construction: 6AL-4V Titanium forged plate  Crown Construction: Yonex’s lightest ever crown, covering its largest area (32.5% for lower/deeper centre of gravity). The graphite crown weighs 12.2g (XPG 14.1g)  Shaft Construction: EX 320  Grip: Original Yonex Rubber Grip Read our Ezone GT X Driver BLOG.